Here’s what people¬†are saying about the Middle Class.¬†

"I have been a credit union member for quite a few years. It has been a very good experience. The personnel are great and the service is exceptional. Please support…"
"Please keep credit unions federal tax exempt. Credit unions provide services for their members at an affordable price. They can only provide this benefit to their hard-working middle-class members because…"
"We have been using the credit union for over 25 years. Why? They look out for the interests of their people. They do not try to extort $ from their…"
"The benefits of Credit Unions are outstanding. Without them, we would all suffer the unnecessary strongholds of the banking industry."
"Our Credit Unions are for it's members to save on their loans and the savings we have! I was President of WGLTCOFCU for a number of years I Know how…"
"Credit unions are financial institutions that operate and are driven by the needs and desires of the members. A financial institutions should serve the members and make business and life…"
"The credit union financed my truck at a cheaper rate than the bank."
"I am very upset about the ideas of some people who want to tax our credit unions. My credit union is far superior than any bank I have experienced. It…"
"I've been a member since the early 80's and love it. Fees are not as ridiculously high as banks. Not charged a fee for using another credit union if you…"
"Credit unions are the best! My husband and I have been members most of our adult lives, going back to the UW (University of Wisconsin) Credit Union in the 1970s.…"
"WE need our credit unions because big banks steal our money to put it in the corporate employees pockets; whereas, credit unions work to keep dollars in the middle class…"
"Please support our credit unions !!! The mega banks are killing the middle class with high percentages and fees making themselves richer while squeezing out the middle class. Credit unions…"