Credit unions help protect and expand America’s middle class economy every day.

That’s why 54% of Americans say credit unions are the best place for middle class people to deposit their money.

Join the effort today to make sure the 2016 candidates for President are talking about the economic issues that matter to middle class credit union members like you. Click here to learn more.

Credit unions are not-for-profit and return earnings back to our members through higher returns on savings, lower interest loans, and little or no fees.

Members run their credit union and decide what services are offered, rather than pushing financial products that make a profit for out-of-state and Wall Street investors.

Local control means decisions are made by members like you who understand their communities and the challenges you face; not by mindless computer models or out-of-state executives who look only at the profit margin to be had on your transaction.

America’s Middle Class is the backbone of our nation’s economy. Credit unions understand the more hard-earned money we can keep in the hands of credit union members the more our economy will grow. Every time your dollar goes to Wall Street investors and out-of-state interests, it’s one dollar less for our communities. The middle class is being pulled in all directions. It’s time we had someone pulling for us – America’s credit unions are in your corner.

As the 2016 Presidential candidates debate the plight of the middle class, remind them that America’s Credit Unions have been there for working and middle class families for more than 100 years, helping members like you. Let them know that any economic plan for strengthening the middle class must include strengthening America’s credit unions.

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    Dear <candidate>,

    I’m proud to be one of more than 100 million credit union members across America. As you develop your plans for leading our nation, I wanted to remind you how important credit unions are to protecting middle class people like me.

    I belong to a credit union because every dollar counts for me and my family.

    Credit unions are the smart consumer choice for middle class people. They offer lower interest rates on loans, lower fees and higher returns on checking and savings accounts. They are invested deeply in helping small businesses and organizations in our local communities.

    Instead of focusing on returning profits to Wall Street investors, my credit union is focused on returning value to middle-class consumers like me.

    Credit union members like me are worried about the economic future for the middle class in our country. We’re concerned that it keeps getting harder and harder for middle-class people to get ahead. We’re worried about how we’ll pay for the skyrocketing costs of college tuition and how we can get on track to save enough money for retirement.

    I hope you’ll be addressing these critical issues for middle-class Americans in your presidential campaign and the crucial role credit unions play in middle class life. I’ll be watching the debates and paying close attention to campaign news to see where you stand on a better economic future for middle-class families.

    America’s future depends on a strong middle class. I look forward to hearing your ideas for our country.

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